Value Added Service

TechWrath offers value added services for our clients which are not the core services but are considered as support services for their project. The value added services can be taken as independent service or can be attached to the project. If the service is taken with the project then TechWrath offers discount pricing.

The value added services offered by TechWrath are as follows:

Data Entry

TechWrath offers professional and accurate data entry resources. We have been offering data entry services for more than four years. You have the option of getting our data entry service as independent service or as an add on if one of your project is being developed by us. You can also get our data entry service on hourly basis, project basis or monthly basis. We have data entry experience in vast industries like medical, finance, marketing, human resource, product listing etc.

Content Writing

It is vital for your web page to have related and effective content. To have a webpage that empowers viewers to gain maximum knowledge about your business, a thorough content analysis is necessary. At TechWrath our content writers have proficient experience in producing high quality content for your business according to your requirements. We understanding the need for compelling content hence we have professionals who have experience writing accurate and effective content in industries ranging from hospitality, marketing agencies, digital marketing, finance, accounting and a lot more. Content Writing Service can be availed with your project or can be taken as a separate entity. These services are available on monthly basis, hourly basis or project basis. We can customise the content writing service according to your requirement, budget and industry.

Article Writing

Article writing is an art that requires great command over the english language, creative thinking and good knowledge of search engine optimization. Our professional article writers have vast experience in writing articles for businesses all over the world. We will deliver you articles that are handcrafted for your business, industry, objectives and target market. We offer different packages for articles i.e. quantity of articles per week, quantity of articles per month, one off quantity of articles, article writer being hired on hourly basis or project basis. We always discuss with our client what they are looking for in an article and deliver articles accurate, effective articles always on time.

Blog Writing

Blogs are general articles, unlike essays and reports, they require specific writing skills. By maintaining your own blog or writing on others, you can generate traffic for your website and get the attention of the users. Blogs help you build more insight about your customers, their reviews about your business and helps you in devising strategy for your business for the future. By gaining attention of your viewers you can develop a healthy and direct customer relationship. TechWrath offers blog writing services which can be incorporated with your project that is being developed by us or you can take benefit of this service separately. TechWrath offers blog writing service on hourly rate, project based or on monthly basis.


We offer other value added services which some call as extra services that include services like review writing, testimonial writing, slogan writing etc… They are minor services that we offer which can be taken up as an independent service or can be taken as an add-on with your project. With TechWrath you can always expect nothing but the best even from one of our minor services.