The strength of a brand is considerably the backbone of most successful businesses, may it be on or offline, given that it has the ability to signify a certain organization’s true value and edge which separates it from its competitors.

We at Tech Wrath acknowledge its role in building a successful brand; we believe “Running your branding campaign without a sound SEO strategy is like driving your car on the high-speed freeway... in second gear!!!

Several changes in the search results’ landscape, particularly on Google, Branding appears to be one of the biggest factors that search engines might rely on when it comes to determining authenticity for web authority/popularity. Search algorithms are evidently capable of extracting data from websites using brand-based metrics

SEO branding through a combination of SEO and display advertising can score major wins over the effective offline equivalent of billboard ads because of one significant difference – online ads are viewed at just the right time!!

We try and look for the right time. SEO efforts are like fishing net – except we are angling for people. “The right people”

• Brand mentions from other websites’ content.
• - Amount of branded-anchor text links directing to the site.
• - Volume of search queries for the brand.
• - Brand mentions from social networks.

SEO and branding can work cohesively together to reinforce each other, creating much more powerful synchrony than either alone. The impact of SEO branding can be long-lasting, measurable and targeted. SEO branding can be very advantageous in obtaining positive reviews and attracting more brand advocates.

Banner advertisements from affiliate marketers and ad networks, like Google AdSense, can extensively disseminate a brand’s exposure to its target market.


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