TechWrath provides simple, intuitive, and cost-effective solution to properly manage Human Resource for your organization. We lead the most convenient Human Resource Management System (HRMS) present online. Our matchless Human Resource Management System (HRMS) includes different modules for personnel (time, leave, and attendance, etc) and organization (recruitment, training, benefits, performance, etc). We provide an intelligent software solution to effectively manage your organization assets. We also focus on the people working in your organization to manage the manpower. Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) combines technology and business processes, which is a fusion of Human Resource Management Processes and Information Technology. The combination of all modules into one customized Human Resource Management System (HRM) assures a perfect platform for aligning and harmonizing your Human Resource processes with the organizational goals and objectives. If you are looking to hire a company for providing the perfect Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for your business, then you should opt for TechWrath’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS). We ensure top quality solution for our client and are very proud of our friendly customer service.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business”

Features of TechWrath’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

01. Database of Employee Information
03. Big Data Analytics
04. Employee Self-Service
05. Learning & Recruitment Management
06. Tracking of Employee Turnover

07. Payroll
08. Bonus Administration
09. Performance Evaluation
10. Financial Management
11. Employee Scheduling
12. Others

What We Offer?

Human Capital Management

Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) adapts to your evolving organization. The human capital management provides useful insight to your global business requirements. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) provides the most efficient way to handle all the employee-related activities.

Manage Payment for Global Workforce

The convenient and user-friendly features of our customized Human Resource Management System (HRMS) help you to effectively organize, staff, and pay your global workforce.

Modelling of Human Resources

Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) accurately models your human resources and analyses your workforce by using multiple business dimensions.

Manage Payment for Global Workforce

Security is the prime concern of every Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in business organisations. We keep the company’s data and employees’ records completely confidential. The information will be kept completely secret from hackers and prying eyes.

Identification of Talent for Important Tasks

Our intelligent Human Resource Management System (HRMS) analyses the performance of employees and then suggests the name of talented workers who could accomplish the important tasks.

Profile Management of Employees

TechWrath provides you the infrastructure for maintaining the complete profile of the employees working in your organization. This profile is useful for viewing the complete employment history of employees.

Position Management

With the help of Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you can easily analyse and track the employee's’ position records.

Payroll Management

The automatic payroll system with embedded formulas incorporating the bonuses and regular pay structure.

Tracking Employee Performance

With the highly intuitive Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you can track the performance of your employees, and can set bonuses for them for good performances.

Recruitment Management

The recruitment for freshmen power is an important aspect of Human Resource Management, which is elegantly ensured by TechWrath’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Our intuitive customised Human Resource Management System (HRMS) ensures that the recruitment is made by keeping in view your organisational requirements.


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