TechWrath specializes in providing smart solutions to our clients. We have expertise in many different industry ranging from business, banking, finance, human resource, marketing to social media, dating and many more. We provide specialized smart solutions for your requirements and business needs. We have already developed these business solutions for our clients and you can take benefit from it. If you are looking for a solution that is inline with our expertise please feel free to contact us today for a non obligatory discussion and quotation. We are always happy to have a discussion and guide our clients. Our experts have already worked on the following smart solutions and have given satisfaction to our clients. These smart solutions have been provided to clients from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, UAE and many more places. Our team can have a discussion with you and customize the solution to your liking, needs and requirements. We can develop unique solutions just for you so you and your business can have a unique identity in the market.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

We provide specialized Human Resources Management System (HRMS) which includes main functionality of any Human Resource Management System i.e. tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salary and much more. The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) module includes: Payroll, Database for employee information, Attendance records, Performance evaluation, Benefits administration, Learning and recruiting management, Employee self-service, Employee scheduling, Tracking of employee absenteeism, Analytics, Reporting and more.

Dating Web Solution

TechWrath provides Dating Web Solutions for your need. The trend in online dating has increased in the last 10 years. We provide a solid, robust and attractive dating platform for our clients. We can customize the dating web solution for your business needs and location. An easy conversation with the professionals can be set up if you expect to have free dating templates, billing and support to settle the service and get the desired features on your website.

Financial Web Solution

Most Finance industries adapt new technologies and become more innovative, efficient, effective and profitable. TechWrath's Financial Web Solution will help your business to adapt to changes and absorb the new innovations so customer satisfaction and profitability can increase.

Loan Finance Solution

TechWrath provides loan finance solutions, if you are looking for an online loan approving system then you can take advantage of TecHwrath's expertise in designing and developing loan finance solutions. Our system will instantly let the user know if they are eligible for a loan or not according to the conditions that you have. Our user friendly interface and easy to manage loan finance solution offers great ease to our clients and it is inline with their business needs and target market.

Inventory Management Solution

An organization that carries an inventory of products needs to maintain accurate information on the movements of all these items to ensure new and improved service to its customers and run a profitable business. The goal of a well established inventory management is to cut down on manual data entry, costs, minimize your inventory write-offs, overstocking, under-stocking and increase efficiency in your supply chain. TechWrath offers Inventory Management Solution to our clients for their inventories, our solutions suits businesses that are of small, medium or large size.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale system is a powerful tool for your retail business. TechWrath has expertise in developing point of sale system that can be customized especially for your business so it becomes personalized for you. We have systems specifically designed for retail, restaurant, bar, grocery, salon, and iPad based applications, all depending on the type of business you are running; each of which will provide the most efficient and productive Point of Sale experience for you and your customers. Our Point of Sale system is robust, accurate, efficient, easy to use, user friendly and economical.

Accounting Solutions

TechWrath provides web base solutions that can be integrated with your accounting applications. You can have higher level of access and control of your accounting needs with the use of TechWrath's Accounting Solutions. We all know that accounting requirements are complex and accuracy has to be achieved or else your business can have dire consequences. Our team of experts can design and develop an accounting solution just for your business needs and target goals.

Other Solutions

We, at Techwrath are aware that our clients have individual needs. However, these requirements are adjusted to be met with innovative and lateral solutions with the help of our team’s diverse range of skills. If you have something else in mind that we have not shown then come have a non obligatory discussion with us and we will come up with a solution for you.


Please feel free to contact us for enquiries, suggestions, feedback, complaints, ideas. We offer non obligatory consultation and discussion

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