TechWrath was established in 2009 as a web design, web development, digital marketing, mobile app development company, it has managed to spearhead its way with the help of dedicated team of professionals, creating healthy business relationships and solutions so you successfully reach your business goals. At TechWrath we work to benefit the client’s business and help our clients achieve what they have dreamed of with regards to business. We believe in excellent customer service and go beyond what is necessary to satisfy or help our clients.

We concentrate on providing out of the box solutions for our clients business problems. The need for world class excellence in web design and graphics is increasing with the day, TechWrath's team is made up of capable, dedicated, result oriented and solution providing individuals. They bring to the table the most effective, efficient and economical solutions.

At TechWrath we believe that your business can grow exponentially. We can help you reach specific target markets for your product or service. As a result you can achieve higher customer satisfaction, customer retention resulting in increased output while reducing your operating costs.

We have proficient experience in web design & development, with our experts in search engine optimisation (SEO), App development (Android, Apple, IOS, WINDOWS), Graphic designing and Human Resource Outsourcing, our clientele reaches the right target market. TechWrath is also providing 3D graphic design, Live Website Greeters in ever expanding portfolio. The experienced & technically sound teams are always up to date with the latest technologies like WordPress, PHP, html5, Drupal, latest updates by Google regarding Search Engine Optimisation. Our clients are confident and believe in our services and results, our service business models are focused in providing the desired results for our clients.



TechWrath has a very highly skilled and experienced team that specializes in delivering high-end web solutions.

We are up-to-date with the latest proven technologies and web standards, experts in user interface design, enabling easy navigation for the users.

We also specialize in offering open source solutions, so our clients are not dependent on any software license contracts or template systems making their future secured.

Our understanding of changing standards of Search Engine Optimization and adapting to the changes in time results in excellent performance of our clients businesses makes us one of the gurus of digital marketing.

Effectively designing, developing, hosting and handling all your online requirements in one efficient place making it a one stop shop for your convenience.

We do not have any hidden charges and offer free maintenance services for your project after its completion so we don’t leave you hanging.

Our work associates are experienced, approachable and friendly, with strong technical backgrounds who will always keep you in the loop as we strongly believe that our clients are a part of the team.

Delivering your requirements on time and within budget is our first preference while keeping your objective in line. Our organizational culture is cohesive, that cares about our clients and their businesses.

“We offer quality Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Graphic Design, Live Chat Services tailor made according to your business requirements"



Providing efficient solutions & quoting competitive price


Our mission is to create and manage healthy business relationships with our clients


Transparent communication channels. Our clients are part of our development phases


Integrated value based service ensures quality is key for every step of the way


Business and organisational ethics are the core of what we do


Time bound targets and delivery are focus of TechWrath


Be integrated and whole, more than honest and ethical, and possess mature qualities.

Innovation & Creative design

Providing innovative solutions every step of the execution of your project

Tailored solutions

Resource dedication, ceaseless assistance & real time result orientation